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  1. The free trial gives you access to the first 3 missions of the campaign. There is no limit of time to play the trial: you can choose to play either Emily or Corvo and enjoy the full experience of Dishonored 2.

  2. You can download the trial from the store page of Dishonored 2 on the PSN store, Xbox Marketplace and Steam.

  1. You can upgrade to the full game at any time during or after the free trial by visiting the PSN Store, Xbox Live Marketplace or Steam and purchasing the game. There are links in the menus of the trial to get access directly to the right store page for upgrading to the full game.

  2. The free trial is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC ( Steam) and with the same languages as for the main game, except for Japanese and Traditional Chinese on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

  3. If you upgrade to the full game after the trial, you keep all the saves made during the trial and can continue playing the campaign from where you stopped the trial.

  1. Achievements and Trophies are not available for the trial and will not be retroactively unlocked if you upgrade to the full game.

  2. On Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the free trial includes the entirety of the game’s content, so the download will be around 50-52 GB. The exact size of the download varies by region due to localization. You can start playing the first mission after 10 GB have downloaded. If you upgrade to the full game, you won’t have anything more to download. On PC, the free trial includes only the content needed for the demo , so the download will be around 18 GB. If you upgrade to the full game on Steam, the download will be around 43 GB.

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